Forex Autopilot

Profit Potential-9/10

Forex Autopilot uses a unique Fibonacci formula to determine the optimum time to enter and exit trades.

Forex Autopilot gives you the ability to fix the trade size or measure it against a percentage of your trading balance. As a percentage of your trading balance you reduce exposure but maximize your profit potential.

Forex Autopilot has a 93% success rate which means it wins just over 9 out of every 10 trades.

Risk Management-7/10

Forex Autopilot does not use protective stops which is part of the overall trading strategy but this does mean you can experience one or two big losses and experience heavy drawdowns  regularly.

The trading style of Forex Autopilot means that you will experience many small wins and some occasional big losses but overall the small wins outweigh the big losses if you can manage to ride out a losing position and don’t panic and close out at a loss all of the time.

Forex Autopilot trading strategies utilize a high drawdown element so your account can be close to a margin call and may require more capital to keep the trade open.

Accurate Product Description-5/10

The maker of Forex Autopilot Marcus Leary concentrates more on selling the idea of financial freedom rather than the forex robot itself.

Marcus Leary claims that he has made $1,000,000 in 12 months using Forex Autopilot but unfortunately he gives no details on how he accomplished it.

Forex Autopilot is described as being ideal for beginners however there have been many complaints and unfavourable Forex Autopilot reviews from unknowledgeable beginners losing trades as they are not prepared to ride out a trade’s downswing. The instruction manual needs to be read thoroughly and this should be made clearer on the product.

Confirmed Historic Performance-7/10

Forex Autopilot does not have any real live account information on its website, just generic static screenshots and a back test video which don’t illustrate anything of worth.

From our independent tests Forex Autopilot does have an accuracy of over 91%, which almost matches the claimed 93% as stated above. Our tests involve 10 traders all running separate accounts and where sufficient with over 6 months of data.

The best performance that winningforexrobotreviews has seen to date has been an initial deposit of $10,000 in February 2009 and now the account is showing $48,456, a profit of $38,456 in 14 months and all test accounts are positive

Product Support-5/10

There have been reports of e-mails sent to Forex Autopilot support being answered in an unacceptable time frame and some times ignored.

When Forex Autopilot did run a customer satisfaction survey back in 2008, there were instances of employees hanging up on customers who were asking difficult questions.

Although there are no personal issues to report regarding the product support, overall the quality is severely lacking against other forex robots available, so the question of does Forex Autopilot deliver a satisafactory customer experience would have to be no.

60 day money back guarantee which means if you are not completely satisfied with Forex megadroid you can get a full refund within 2 months. This guarantee is underwritten by Clickbank so it is 100% genuine and reliable.

Value for Money-8/10

Forex Autopilot is currently priced at $99 which includes a bonus pack of software called Non Farm Payroll robot add on and Ultra Trend robot. Whilst this bonus pack has a stated value of $384, it clearly isn’t that valuable and is probably closer to $70 in value.  The bonus software isn’t a reason to buy Forex Autopilot; however having a very capable robot priced at $99 is exceptional value.

As with nearly all forex robot offers, the standard internet marketing practice of a reduced price is advertised, Forex Autopilots’ website claiming is should be $399 but you receive 75% off. This only harms the credibility of what is a technically proficient robot.

Forex Autopilot has been around a while now but when you understand how it trades it is  still able to produce impressive profits and is definitely worth the $99 asking price.


Forex Autopilot has received some bad comments in the past mainly due to people not understanding how it trades and interfering, which usually results in a loss.

Forex Autopilot is an ideal robot for those traders who like longer term trading and trend trading and who can handle the downswings of a trading cycle before returning to profit.

Although this test has highlighted some problem areas for Forex Autopilot, you cannot argue with its performance and is still one of the top performing forex robots around today.

If you work with Forex Autopilot you can expect to see some very good results.